The women on your casino staff want to look and feel great while they’re serving your customers. That’s why Sharper Uniforms has a great selection of ladies vests, tux vests, and tuxedo jackets for just about every type of atmosphere. If your casino is more laid back, these ladies vests look wonderful without a jacket. For more formal occasions, a tuxedo jacket can certainly fit the bill. However you decide to dress the ladies on your casino staff, you can rest assured that Sharper Uniforms has the tux vests that are made just for them.

Our ladies vests come in a variety of colors, so you can better represent the aesthetic of your casino. You also won’t have to worry about the ladies on your staff looking frumpy in too-big vests that were designed for men. These ladies tux vests are made with women in mind, so they are sure to fit perfectly. When you’re looking for the right uniform for your casino staff, Sharper Uniforms is the place to go.
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