When it’s warm outside, you don’t want your kitchen staff to be stuffy and uncomfortable. That’s why we have a selection of short sleeved chef coats here at Sharper Uniforms. Made from the same quality poly/cotton fabric as our standard chef wear, these short sleeved options are the ideal solution for hot weather. We have both short sleeved and three-quarter sleeved options—you’ll be able to rest assured that everyone on your staff is cool and comfortable. Choose from any of our high quality short sleeved chef uniforms.

There’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for style. Many of these short sleeved chef coats incorporate moisture wicking technology. This will ensure that everyone on your kitchen staff is cool and comfortable all day long. Don’t let the weather get you or your staff down! Choose short sleeved chef coats from Sharper Uniforms today.
Short Sleeved Chef Coats(12 items)