The below article was published in Boardroom Magazine ( November/December 2007 issue.

Have Your Staff Look $1M without Spending $1M

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Country Clubs is “how can we differentiate our club uniforms from other clubs and banquet facilities, without overspending our yearly budget?”

Below are three strategies we have implemented with clubs which answer this question.

Customize Stock Uniforms:

Customizing off the shelf uniforms is a great way to deliver cost effective customized uniforms to the club. We recently helped out a banquet staff by modifying a stock long sleeve shirt with French “snap” cuffs. The cuffs have snaps, so no cuff links are necessary. This eliminates the possibility of the staff misplacing the cuff links.

The result of this project was a great looking French Cuff shirt that did not break the bank, yet the uniform is customized to your taste.

Neck Attire:

Custom neck attire such as men’s ties and ladies ascots will add a whole new dimension to the uniform. Men’s ties can be worn by both men and ladies. Custom ties can be economically manufactured with your club’s crest and colors. A recently introduced product is the “Zipper Tie”, which has become quite popular.

Zipper ties have pre-tied full Winsor Knots, which literally can be zipped up, one does not have to know how to tie a tie (comes in handy for young help). What’s great about the Zipper tie is that once it is zipped up, every employee will now have the same great look!


Custom embroidery is a very simple and cost effective solution. We find that nine out of ten clubs typically wear plain black economy vests. By adding the club’s crest to a lapel, the vest will immediately take on a new dimension.

Embroidery can be added to shirts, aprons, chef coats, or any other type of apparel. The result is low cost customized uniform, which is unique from all other clubs and banquet venues.

By customizing your clubs garments with the above strategies, you can truly give your staff a unique great look. A sharper looking staff will result in perceived increased service levels by your members. One only has to go back to the age old adage, “first impressions are everything.”

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