Averill's Sharper Uniforms paradigm for a great uniform program is to make sure all garments have great presentation, they are functional, must be comfortable, and that they are extremely durable. This is the paradign we live by!

Averill's Sharper Uniforms serves many Resort Hotels with unique uniform programs for each department. Hotels typically have the following areas that are required to be outfitted with consistent high quality uniforms within each department: Front Desk, Restaurant, Banquets, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Pool, Spa and Valet.

Hotels typically spend a large amount of their budget on dry cleaning for their higher end uniforms. No more! With the advent of newer fabrics, Averill's Sharper Uniforms now provides many Resort Hotels with Washable Suits for front desk personnel. These suits are comprised of suit jackets, pants, skirts and vests. The staff simply turns the garments inside-out, and they can be washed in a home type washing machine, industrial machines not needed!

Many hotels are located in four season environments. Sharper Uniforms offers a complete line of sweaters made of different fabrics, weights and colors. To complement the sweater line, durable outerwear consisting of light wind breakers to heavy four season jackets are provided in many colors and weights. Water resistant garments are available, along with truly water-proof outerwear.

Resort Hotels typically provide Valet services for their vacationing customers. Sharper Uniforms has a full line of Valet gear from reflective polo shirts to reflective outerwear. Many Valet departments gear up at night, so for many safety reasons it is important that the attendants can be seen as they are dodging between cars and vans!

Another asset to Averill's hotel uniform line is that Sharper Uniforms provides many hotels with Iron-Free garments. These also can be washed in home type washing machines, placed in the dryer on low heat, removed when slightly damp, and the results are fantastic!

Many hotels will provide shorts and pants for their entire staff. Today, styles dictate flat front pants for the staff, the trend has gotten away from pleated pants. Many pant fabrics are made from No-Iron microfiber with a waist line that can stretch and flex due to an elastic mechanism sewn in at each of the hips. Hotel employees are constantly on the move across the property, and this pant feature is greatly appreciated by the staff.

Hotels can be challenging when it comes to outfitting your staff. As mentioned, there are many different departments that require to be outfitted with the proper garments. From housekeeping staff and spa to the restaurant and front desk, there are just many employees and and different kinds of hotel uniforms. Luckily, with Sharper Uniforms, you can get all of your hotel uniforms in one place.

At Sharper Uniforms, we carry a great selection of restaurant uniforms, catering uniforms, spa uniforms, front desk uniforms, maintenance uniforms, housekeeping uniforms, ties, aprons, accessories, and more so that everyone in your staff can be outfitted professionally and comfortably for their position. We offer many resort hotel uniform styles for both men and women and in some cases you can get your hotel uniform pants hemmed for free!

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