Why do Restaurants shop for their uniforms at Averill's Sharper Uniforms? One simple reason, continuity! We have had many restaurants tell us many stories where the General Manager visits a discount retail store to purchase shirts and blouses. This works great for the first week, but when the Restaurant adds additional wait staff, the General Manager must go out and visit the store again. To the disappointment of the General Manager, the shirts and blouses he had purchased are NO longer available. Retail stores are all about "turn" of their inventory, and introducing new garments.

At Sharper Uniforms there are products such as white tuxedo shirts and black economy vests that our manufacturers have been making for at least 50 years. All new products are typically kept in the line for at least 5 to 6 years. This means you can depend on simple reorders from Sharper Uniforms, whether you reorder one or 100 shirts! Our shelves are stocked and ready to serve your restaurant uniform needs.

Averill's Sharper Uniforms pays high attention to detail. As an example on shirt selection, we point out to our restaurant uniform shoppers, do you want a point or button-down collar on a Men's shirt. Typically if the servers are wearing a tie, they will go with the button-down collar. If no tie, then point collar. The majority of woman's shirts have point collars and no chest pocket.

What color restaurant uniform is preferred by Restaurants. That's an easy answer, Black! We have met with clients who have received samples of all different color uniforms, what do they choose, of course, they go back to black uniforms. Although, recently we have seen a trend towards Steel Grey color for garments. Steel Grey has sort of the same quality of black garments, they are great at hiding stains while the wait staff is in service.

One of Sharper Uniform's customers owns a French Bistro in the Boston area. The restaurant servers wear a white shirt with a black tie and black embroidered vest. We asked the owner why he chose this same uniform over many years. He said, just stand outside the doorway to the restaurant and look in through the glass door and windows. The owner says you will immediately experience the feeling of the small French Bistro, with the servers in all black and white uniforms. Bottom line, Black and White Uniforms are timeless!

When customers order sample uniforms, we always recommend that they model the uniforms in the light of their venue, never under bright office lights. The color of the garment to the human eye will drastically change when you go from bright lights to the dim lighting in most restaurants. This recommendation has worked out very well for our customers!

Restaurant uniforms aren’t just about looking professional. They’re also about delivering performance. At Sharper Uniforms, we carry restaurant uniforms, chef uniforms, aprons, and more for equipping your restaurant staff with high quality clothing that can work hard under pressure. Whether it’s a tough night out in the dining room or a demanding shift in the kitchen, your staff needs the right clothing to get the job done.

Many of our restaurant uniforms, aprons, and chef uniforms come designed especially for the restaurant and hospitality industry, with wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, and soil release technologies. We don’t just want our restaurant uniforms to look good. We also want them to work hard for both your male and female restaurant staff members. Dress your staff for success – and hard work – in the restaurant industry with any of our aprons, ties, waitstaff uniforms, chef uniforms, or accessories.
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